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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Actor Clems Onyeka's Family Consult Juju Priest to investigate his Untimely death!
The Lightskinned Actor, Clems Onyeka (RIP) Was Killed On the 14th of October 2014, after being hit by a stray bullet during a Police Shootout with Armed robbers In Benin/Abasa Road!
They vowed not to rest until they get to the root of the matter.

Some of the aggrieved relations, including Patrick Onyeka told LeadershipNg in Asaba that the family members resolved to take the case to a juju priest for perspicacious judgment; saying that they do not believe in the stray bullet story as vehemently claimed by the police.

Lol! SEE How Nicki Minaj's Boyfriend Covered Tattoo of her face & Name on his chest! [Photos]
During Last year summer, Nicki Miinaj's boyfriend, Safaree Sam, drew massive tattoo of her face and name on his chest and arm, just like Nick Cannon did to Mariah Carey's tattoo, he has covered them up with a new tat.
They are rumoured to have broken up a few months after he drew the tattoos and in May Nicki tweeted; 'Single and Ready to mingle'

According to UrbanIslandz, saying she is single is just for her career, so as not to push away her male fans.

Nicki loves Safaree But, She didn’t like the attention the tattoos were bringing because she wants to keep her personal life very private.

'They did had an argument about it because Safaree loves the tats but Nicki Minaj doesn't but they are coming from far and knows each other before fame so they worked it out.

MEET the Evil Dogs that chewed a 4 year old boy's Scalp in Lagos! [Photo]
The Lagos State Police Command has said only a court of law could decide whether the dogs which ate the skull of a four-Yr-Old, Omonigho Abraham in Igando, Lagos State, be killed or Spared!

Dragon Fist! Woman Tears ATM apart with bare hands after it swallowed Her Bank Card & didn't dispense cash!! [Photos]
As seen in the photos, the Chinese woman stands in front of a damaged ATM, with the ATM computer display “ripped out at the root” lying on the ground, and large amounts of receipts scattered on the floor. With a large number of city residents looking on at the side, there were even some security guards at the scene maintaining order.

“After dismantling the machine, she even stood there as if nothing had happened, but was then taken back to the police station once police arrived,” the representative said. At the time, the woman’s manner of speaking and bearing both seemed not quite normal, so employees did not go forward to stop her, and only called the police as well as notify the bank to come and deal with the situation.

Sultry! Tiwa Savage Looking Super S*xy Colorful Outfit! [Photos]

A Flawless Tiwa rocked this Lovely Outfit for her performance last night in Manchester!..Big ups!

TOO BAD!! How A Cheating Doctor Killed His Wife Just To Be With Another Woman! [Photos]
'Martin and Michele MacNeill were a successful couple with eight beautiful children. They lived in an exclusive gated community – he was a doctor and she was a striking former beauty queen.

But behind closed doors, there were enough secrets and lies to make a blockbuster thriller. It ended in a calculated murder that left the killer free for five long years, Love Sunday reports.

Michele had been married to her husband Martin for almost 30 years. She had been a straight A-student, a cheerleader and a beauty queen when she met Martin through their mutual Mormon faith. The pair eloped when they were both just 19 and started a life together in a gated Mormon community at Pleasant Grove, Utah, not far from Salt Lake City.

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