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Monday, 1 September 2014

Jeez!! Woman with World's Biggest Butt identified..- Sarah Massey

Sarah Massey woman biggest booty

Sarah Massey has a rear end so large that it once cracked a toilet bowl! She has the largest butt in the world, which measures at about 7 feet around. She's actually proud of her booty, but she does accept $1,250 in monthly disability benefits due to her limited mobility.

Meet Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Very Beatiful Grown Up Daughter, Sharon....more....

Hmmm! Genevieve and AY Doing Rough Things in the Bedroom! [Photos]

Its from a scene in the hilarious skit by Ace Comedian AY. The actress and the comedian had a wonderful experience in their bedroom show!

OmG!! i am moved to tears: Meet the Brazilian man born with his head upside-down

A man born with physical disabilities so severe his head is Upside-down has defied the odds to become an inspirational public speaker.

Claudio Vieira de Oliveira, 37, was born with his neck folded back on itself, as well as badly deformed legs and almost no use of his arms and hands. Doctors told his mother to stop feeding him as a newborn as they believed he had no chance of survival. But Claudio from Monte Santo, Brazil, has overcome his extreme disadvantages to graduate as an accountant and become a public speaker. Continue...

Wizkid finally addresses recent beef with Davido (Video)


In an interview with Olisa Adibua on his new TV program called The Truth, Wizkid opened up on his recent beef with Davido. Below is what he said;

"That situation was just so funny to me because we were all on the same flight. I got back, I was really tweeting about my show. I was talking about myself. I had a show in New York before that, that was like a year ago, or two years ago, it was sold out, sound was bad, venue we used was was f**ked up. I land for airport nah, I was going to my hotel, drove through the venue, I saw my name in lights, and I saw my venue and I was like "Wow! This is me?" Came down, took a picture , posted it - I do proper shows, proper venues. People started catching feelings" Continue...
"Everyone should be mad at that. If that was the case, then everyone like Iyanya, everyone that has done shows in the US should say something.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Meet the man with the World's Largest Feet. No shoe can size

Brahim Takioullah man with largest feet

Brahim Takioullah is a giant among men, and his feet are especially massive. This Moroccan man has the largest feet in the world on a living person. He wears size 23 shoes thanks to his 15-inch soles. He has to have shoes specially made to support his weight. He's pictured here with the smallest living woman in the world, Jyoti Amge.

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