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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

What Heaven Looks Like According To Various Religions. I Hope I Get In One.

1.) Judaism
The debate of whether there's a heaven or an afterlife is one that has been raging for quite some time. Countless people have even dedicated their lives to figuring out if it really exists. Some people claim that they are going to heaven, some people will tell you to "go to hell." But what a lot of people overlook about heaven is that it isn't the same in all religions. Some religions don't have a clearly defined notion of an afterlife at all.
So what do most people think will happen after we exit this mortal coil?

1.) Judaism

Shocker! SS3 Boy Impregnates His Own Mother With Love Portion

A 19-year-old Abel recently promoted to SS3 in one of the secondary schools in Asaba, Delta State has allegedly put his mother in the family way after he had a carnal knowledge with her few months ago. Reports said that the boy, popularly called Ekenem, was said to have consulted a native doctor, who allegedly prepared a love charm for him to use on his mother and one of the matrons in the college where he is a boarding student.

Although sources said the act committed by the boy still remains a misery to those in the know, but the father of the boy, a Port Harcourt based businessman was said to have reported the matter to the police. DSP Celestina Kalu, police public relations officer in the state, who confirmed the report, disclosed that the boy has been arrested over threat to life and other related acts, adding that the police were still investigating the circumstances of the pregnancy.

See the messageTonto Dikeh Send To T.B Joshua On Collapsed Building


INCREDIBLE!! MEET The 3 Year-Old Boy Who Weighs Over 70kg and Can’t Stop Eating! [Photos]

The boy also has serious behavioural problems such as stubbornness and hysteria
Misael weighted 2.9kg when he was born but every month since then, he has gained approximately 3 kilograms. The poor boy, who is supposedly suffering from Prader–Willi syndrome, now weighs 70kg and is struggling to walk.

Classic signs and symptoms include constant craving for food and rapid weight gain. Misael eats frequently and consumes large portions and even then he still feels hungry. The boy also has serious behavioral problems and his parents have to hire a private taxi to transport the boy to a local hospital.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Scary Photos: 18 Homes That Are Totally Amazing... And Totally Terrifying.

1.) Cliff House, Calpe, Spain

A house doesn't have to be haunted to be absolutely terrifying. Sometimes the design, not demons, will do all of the work.
These homes from all over the world test the boundaries of gravity and balance while also being totally gorgeous examples of impressive architecture. Take a look and ask yourself you'd be brave enough to live in one.

1.) Cliff House, Calpe, Spain

WTH!!! These are 15 People on the Planet Right Now Who Seriously Think They're God.(Photos)

1.) Alan John "A.J" Miller
This is apparently such a common occurrence that there's an entire section to it devoted to it on Wikipedia. It seems that the life of the average person is not enough for some, and so these folks decided to get really ambitious and aim for godhood. It kind of worked out for some of them--as L. Ron can tell you, there's a lot of money in organized religion--and they've gained a following. Others, well, not so much, unless you count notoriety and criminal activity as success. (Which perhaps it is.)
Either way, these 15 living people are currently claiming that they are, in one form or another, a living version of Jesus or God. All of them take a Christian(ish) bent on things, and note that while not necessary, beards are big among the self-deifying crowd.
And no, Kanye West is not on this list.

1.) Alan John "A.J" Miller

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