Thursday, 26 May 2016

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From the Director of the hilarious TV Series 'Dreamerz', the Director of AY's Crib Season 1&2, the Editor of 30 Days In Atlanta, A Trip To Jamaica, Extended Family, etc Comes another Classic Family series titled: Damians Home.
Damian's Home is a family oriented TV Series loaded with massive humour for the entire family, it shows how Mr. Damian (Big-Tony Ogbetere) and his wife Deborah aka Mrs. Damian (Liz Selle) combine their busy day to day work schedule and still maintain a happy and well disciplined family.

Damian's Home also features fantastic actors like Racheal Oniga as Grandma, Kingsley Ikpinima as The Gateman, Robert Emmanuel as Nelson (son), Precious Banks as Lina (Daughter), Floxy Akudo Raleigh as Teguono, Onoge Tega Ben as Nicholas, Roland Obutu, Emmanuel Anyalogu, Ola John, Patricia Obi and many more... 

Damian's Home is written by Stanley Ediri Isokoh, Produced and Directed by Patrick Ovoke Odjegba @Crisp Media Limited for TOAN Marketing Media Limited.
Click link below to watch Damian's Home trailer

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Caught In The Act : See What This LAdy Did When She Found Out Another Lady Was With Her Man

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This is crazy, This lady in a bid to secure her territory (literally), hung on her boyfriend’s balcony for hours after being notified that her lover reportedly slept with another woman in his house.

The boyfriend locked himself up refused to open despite her screaming and shouting. She had to climb the balcony to see for herself and also wait for him till he comes out. This happened in Bonateki area in Douala, Cameroon.
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Photos : Check Out Amazing Photos Of World’s Most Handsome Horse

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So cute!…This is the world’s most handsome horse, whose lustrous mane changes style according to his mood.

Frederik the Great is a gorgeous and beloved Friesian stallion from the United States and may just be world’s most handsome horse.

Frederik the Great is not only known for his muscular build, striking black features and flowing mane but also has a hug following on his Facebook fan page of more than 12,500 followers and a blog to

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Twitter Put A ‘PARENTAL ADVISORY’ Label On Nicki’s Account after She Posted This Picture

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Nicki Minaj got herself into a little bit of HOT WATER with Twitter yesterday. You see, Nicki posted a pretty SEXY pic on the social media channel – see below.

Twitter decided that it was a little TOO RACY, and posted a warning label on the image.

Nicki did NOT re-post the image on Instagram – which has a lot STRICTER policy. Had she done so, the image would likely have been DELETED.
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Tiwa Savage Set to Ink Recording Deal with Jay Z

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Tiwa Savage is making major career moves as reports have it that she is set to sign with Jay Z’s music label- Roc Nation.

The Mavin first lady and mother of one, whose body of work and profile was scrutinised by the hiphop mogul is set to join the likes of Davido, who inked a recording deal with international record label, Sony BMG Muisc.

Urban View reports that, ”According Roc Nation sources, JayZ, extremely impressed at Tiwa’s catalogue and profile, gave the go-ahead for the deal yesterday, put together by Roc Nation’s Briant Biggs and Shawn Pecas. So expect BIG things from Tiwa this year”

The move is the result of Briant Biggs, Jay Z’s cousin visit to Nigeria last year to discover new talent.

Tiwa Savage who just came out of relationship drama with estranged husband Tee Billz is billed to open for soon-to-be label mate, Rihanna, at the Made in America Concert scheduled to hold in September.

Great things are happening in the Nigerian music industry from Wizkid’s feature on Drake’s hit single,”One Dance” to his scheduled tour of Amsterdam with international heavyweights like Chris Brown, August Alsina and others, this year is poised to see development and Tiwa’s signing might have unlocked the key for female artistes.
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Heartbreaking Photos of a Beautiful Lady Who Was Involved in The Peace Mass Accident

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Joy Akabuike, a graduate of Imo State Polytechnic, is currently in coma following the ghastly accident involving a commercial bus belonging to Peace Mass Transit and a truck which occurred last Sunday in Umuahia.

The split photos shows her taking a pic before embarking on the ill fated journey and lying beside the mangled bus shortly after the accident.

“I chat with you joy on Saturday night and you told me you will be traveling on Sunday morning without knowing you’d get involved in an accident.. Peeps Ada is in coma and needs our prayers. You shall be healed INSHA All” a friend of hers posted on Facebook

Continue to see more photos of the beautiful Joy Akabuike:

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Miracle! Meet the Baby Who Was Stabbed 14 Times and Buried Alive in Shallow Grave But Refused to Die (Photos)

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A baby boy was stabbed as many as 14 times and even buried in a shallow grave while still alive but made a triumphant and miraculous comeback.
  The Thai baby boy was left for dead but saved from a shallow grave

The boy has staged a remarkable recovery after being found stabbed and buried alive in a shallow grave.
The little boy was knifed a horrifying 14 times then dumped face-down in a 20cm hole.
However, the smiling tot, who has not been named, has made an incredible recovery.

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Adanna Ohakim Urges Women to Breastfeed Their Babies Boldly & Confidently In Public

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Adanna David, has shared a recent experience she had at a restaurant when tried to breastfeed her 3-month-old son Kian Nnamdi, publicly. Below is what she wrote on her Instagram:

“Moments before David took this candid photo of me nursing Kian at a restaurant, I had the most unfriendly stare from a couple across the table. I’m sure what they meant to say to me was: ‘Did you seriously just whip out your boobs? Here? In public? That’s just rude!’ Of course they didn’t say anything to me because if at all they understood body language, mine said ‘Don’t you dare’

Not too long ago I remember making excuses like: ‘it’s not convenient to breastfeed there’ and I would pump milk to feed Kian from a bottle whenever we were in public.

I’ve had situations where I’ve tried to use large blankets to cover him while nursing, and that almost always ends up in a disaster because he doesn’t like to be covered when he feeds and then he struggles and I end up spraying breast milk all over the both of us. Let’s just say the blanket thing doesn’t work for us.

I’ve had to ask myself recently, what is so unnatural about a mother nursing her child ‘in public’? It’s not like I walk around with my breasts hanging out.

“I’ve not heard of an adult who is hungry and has food in front of him say ‘it’s not convenient for me to eat here’ or ‘I need to be more discrete with this food I’m about to eat’ actually ‘I’m gonna eat this burger under a blanket’ If a woman wishes to bottle feed her child (breastmilk or formula), it should be because she chose to, for her own personal reasons. Not because she’s worried about being harassed when she pulls out her breast to nurse her child in a public place.

“It’s a pity that most people will visually complement a woman with huge breasts and cleavage and yet call a woman nursing in public ‘disgusting’. As much as the right to breastfeed in public is protected by law in most countries, unfortunately nursing mothers are still exposed to both the spoken and unspoken distaste for the sight of a baby with a nipple in their mouth. Seeing something over and over is the best way to normalise it. So I urge every breastfeeding woman to boldly and confidently nurse your child in public if you need to. Be proud. We can change the perception of society one person at a time!”

Former Imo Governor, Ikedi Ohakim and wife, at the christening of their two grand children

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“My Dad is Dating Two Hot UNILAG Girls, Should I Tell My Mom” – Confused Daughter

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A daughter has unravelled her father’s act of cheating on her mom despite the strong chemistry they seem to show. She has written to Joro Olumofin for advice.

Read her message below:

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FG Warn Farmers as ‘Tomato Ebola’ Hits Six States in Nigeria

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The Federal Government has advised farmers to be very careful as tomato ebola hits six states destroying tomatoes.
  The Federal Government on Tuesday revealed the cause of tomato scarcity in the country as it said the pest, Tuta absoluta, popularly known as ‘Tomato Ebola’, is responsible for the massive destruction of tomato in farmlands in Nigeria. The destructive pest has so far invaded six states in Nigeria. Farmers all over the country have been warned to be careful and advised farmers on the management skills to use so as to curb the spread of the pest.
Speaking on the issue, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Audu Ogbeh, revealed that the highly reproductive nature of the tomato pest and lack of management knowledge for containment allowed it to spread which led to the destruction of tomato fruits in Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, Plateau and Lagos.
He also stated that the government is already consulting with experts in other find a way out.
He said, “The pest can also attack even pepper and Irish potato. So we are confronting something quite serious. But the good thing is that we are tackling it right now as experts will commence work immediately. We are bringing the commissioners and governors of states to jointly attack this pest, which, if not dealt with, will create serious problems for food security in our country.”
Also, the minister revealed that Nigeria spent huge sums importing substandard tomato paste which affected many in Nigeria.
“We have two processing plants for tomato paste in Nigeria, Erisco and Dangote, and their capacities are huge. We welcome their arrival because our annual import bill of tomato paste is about $400m and it is a good sign that we can now produce here and make money for our farmers.” he said.
Reacting to the recent development, CropLife International, a group of agro-professionals, advocated the use of hazard-based approach rather than a risk-based methodology. The group also called for the promotion and adoption of relevant biotechnologies in farming activities.
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“Ghanaians Believe I’m A Terrible Actress” – Juliet Ibrahim

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Actress, singer, and philanthropist, Juliet Ibrahim has indicated that Ghanaians only believe she’s on screen because of her skin color but not because she’s a talented actress.

According to the actress in an interview with Kofi Laing on Joy FM’s Late Night Express show as reported by PeaceFmOnline, she didn’t face a lot of challenges coming into the movie industry but her challenge has always been how to disabuse people’s minds that she’s only on screen because she’s fair. 
She said such comments hurt her a lot and she prays people will begin to judge her based on her performance in movies rather than her color.

I didn’t face a lot of challenges when coming to the industry but the challenges I face outside of the industry or to grow bigger as I’ve grown now is everybody out there who thinks that because she’s of a colour, that’s why she’s still on the screens or that’s why people still use her. People have just refused to look beyond that but I want them to judge me or classify me based on the fact that they think that I can act and not just because of my colour. I’m trying so hard to make people at least try and watch my movies so that they can be able to see that I’m doing this.”
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Miracle: Check out The Mysterious Lake in Borno State that Breeds Freshwater Fish And Heals The Sick

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A mystery lake is making waves in Borno state after it was famed for doing incredible things and attracting people from far and wide.
Umar at the lake
The approaching footfalls didn’t detract the concentration of the little boy. Even as the steps deadened a couple of metres from his position, his face bore no emotion. It was midmorning, and there was no time to waste. Gently, he rowed an improvised raft made of two 25-litre jerry cans with his hands, stalking the sly tilapia fish.
He stopped momentarily to retrieve a couple of tilapia fish stuck to his baits. A smile flitted across his face, as the gentle wave of the water lapped intermittently. He glued his eyes on the water once again with studied silence. The day was still young, and the nimble cluster of fish in the midst of encroaching weeds had to be outwitted sooner than later.
12-year old Tukur Yamta is a solitary fisherman at Tilla Lake. In his world, the more the merrier doesn’t make sense. For him, the fewer, the better. Each day, on his own, he makes good catches capable of earning him, at least, N5, 000 at the nearly Kwaya Bura Market. Good business, that is.
Young Tukur Yamta should thank his God. Many years ago, he wouldn’t have cast a still look at Tilla Lake or fished in its waters. Why? He would have been blinded instantly or would have been scared off by the presence of sacred crocodiles that abound in the lake.
Tilla Lake, located in Kwaya Bura, 10 kilometres southwest of Biu town, in Biu Local Government Area of Borno State, is a mystery lake. Little wonder, it has continued to inspire visits and research interests from far and wide.

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“How I was Sexually Abused & Impregnated In Primary 6” – Veteran Actress, Rita Edochie

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Popular Nollywood actress, Mrs Rita Edochie said she was a victim of sexual abuse many years ago and called on parents to regularly communicate with their children.

Edochie revealed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Wednesday in Abuja.

Edochie, who was a guest at a seminar to end violence against children, told NAN that she was sexually violated at a young age by a family friend.

She said, “I was a victim of sexual abuse, that was when I was in primary six, I was going to the hospital and somebody called me.

“The boy used some diabolic means and sexually violated me, when I could not see my period, I refused to tell my mother, because she was very strict.

“I love sharing my experience because at the end of the day I succeeded, If I had not succeed, I would not have been able to be saying it.”
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Shocking! See How Stark N*ked Protesters Turn Themselves into Bloody ‘Human Meat’ in Broad Daylight (Photos)

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Protesters with really heavy demands to make, have adopted a rather weird method in driving their point home and to make sure they are heard.

The protesters took off their clothes, daubed themselves in fake blood,
stepped into polysterene trays and allowed themselves to be wrapped in clingfilm
This is the gruesome moment n*ked animal rights protesters turned themselves into packs of human meat in a busy city centre.
Members of AnimaNaturalis in Spain took off their clothes, daubed themselves in fake blood, stepped into polysterene trays and allowed themselves to be wrapped in clingfilm.

According to Daily Mail, the bizarre demonstration took place in the Sant Jaume plaza in Barcelona, the first city in the world to declare itself vegan-friendly.
The 20 activists wanted to make a dramatic plea to people to adopt a meat-free diet, free from animal exploitation and any suffering.

A woman being prepared to be packaged as a human meat
They agreed to become packaged meat to raise public awareness and to remind Barcelona’s city council that their pledge should mean actions and not just words.
‘We wanted to draw the attention of the authorities,’ said Aïda Gascón, director of AnimaNaturalis in Spain.
‘They pledged in March to join global activities such as Paul McCartney’s campaign Meatless Monday but have not yet implemented anything else.’

The group says that even getting the council to agree to help promote meat-free diets would be a small but important step.
The trays included the words ‘carne humana’ which means human meat in Spanish.
AnimaNaturalis says 60 billion animals are used every year to supply the diet of humans ‘thus making the lives of living beings into mere objects of production to feed the human population.’

The group says animals should be protected and consumers presented with food ‘that does not involve deaths or animal abuse.’
‘We encourage everyone to leave meat off the plate and join the millions of people around the world who believe that a day without meat can make a difference.
‘For the animals, for the planet, our health, leave the meat off your plate.’
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